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About Bombies eLiquids


In 2012, I vowed to never smoke another cigarette. In an effort to redefine myself, I picked up my first cig-a-like at the local convenience store. Soon after, electronic cigarettes and vaping became a hobby of mine. From clearomizers, cartomizers, and later rebuildable atomizers, my hobby soon ignited into a fullfledged passion to search for the best vape and flavor. Passion quickly became an obsession to create the cleanest, purest, and most flavorful ejuice available on the market.

For over a year, I have been designing and refining liquids I consider to be my All Day Vapes. After extensive testing and multiple reiterations, I believe I found the perfect blend of flavors. Products listed under Smashlab are juices that are fully developed, but have not achieved perfection by my standards. They may periodically be available for your tasting pleasures.

However, the journey doesn’t simply end here. I invite you to come share the experience with me, to seek the unknowns and mysteries that ejuice has to offer. As it turns out, our story has just begun!

Bombies Founder