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Craft Vapery

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About Craft Vapery eLiquids

Craft Vapery Certifiably Vapable Liquids

Emerged from our need to create flavors we’d always dreamed of but could never find, and our desire to share these flavors with the world. We combined our years of experience and real-world data to ensure that these liquids would not only be exciting and rare, but also balanced and well-rounded. In other words, we sought to create incredibly special flavors that could be enjoyed by vapers around the world, all day every day.

Tireless effort and care has been put into ensuring that all Craft Liquids meet our stringently high standards of quality. Each and every Craft Vapery Liquid is Certifiably Vapable™, meaning that all possible steps have been taken to ensure that it is produced in leading-edge clean room environments and scrutinously lab tested for quality and constituent parts.
Just one vape and we think that you, like us, will be wondering what exactly you did with yourself before Craft Vapery Certifiably Vapable Liquids™ came along.

With Love,
Craft Vapery