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About Flawless eLiquid

Now I was getting bored of the normal cereal juices because they were all starting to taste similar or were just plain BAD. SO I have been looking for a little something special and I found the flawless vapes GAME OV3R. Ice cream and fruit loops. I mean how could I not buy this. So I paid for the bottle and the wait was on. Only took 3 days and that really suprised me because I had heard horror stories of flawless before. Anyway I worked an 11 hour shift and knew iw probabaly had this waiting in the mailbox which made it even longer!

So I have a specific device for vaping my cereal juices it’s an sx mini with an magma rda with a 28 Guage ni200 build in it. Perfect for flavor imo. Anyway I had been vaping some anml looper out of it before hand, loaded it up and started puffing away. First few hits….hmmm tastes like looper must just be some left in it. Kept on puffing and it kept tasting Luke it so I decided this juice was worth a rewick. Still tasting pretty similar to looper but better imo. Th3 best way to describe the flavor of this juice is clean, pure flavors with great execution, doesn’t leave anything extra on your tounge. Inhale is a smooth, creamy, slightly fruity blend that takes your taste buds till the exhale to really get the full picture. Nice and creamy vanilla ice cream with a very perfectly blended fruity wheat like taste. Not lemony at all and just a DAMN GOOD JUICE.

Now I have never had flawless juice don’t know if they have any other flavors. But I just didn’t know what to expect as far as the quality. Well…. not only was I blown away but I was also suprised by how spot on the description was. Also it doesn’t leave a funky aftertaste in your mouth after your done vaping it and if you happen to get any spit back into your mouth it tastes just phenomenal. Lick your lips afterwards and mmmmhmmmm.