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About P.O.E.T. Industries



P.O.E.T. Industries Incorporated was a brain child of mine for quite some time.  It started in different fields of industry but it has always had the same acronym, Pursuit of Excellent…? The “T” I left as an open playing field. The first use was “Tone” because at the time, exploring guitars and amplifiers was our pursuit.

That transitioned into a time in which I was not able to smoke, a habit I had enjoyed for almost 30 years. I sought something to fill the nicotine void. I went to a liquor store and bought the cheap electronic stick cigarettes. It worked enough to get me off the analogs but I was going through one a day and it proved to be expensive.

Then I was fortunate enough to get to know the staff at Vaperev through a recommendation of a customer at my former job.  Quickly, I started upgrading and trying new products. It was still hard because at the time, quality ejuice was selling out fast. I was head deep and there was no return!

I decided to try my hand at DIY and make my own juice. I was spending a lot of time at a local bakery near home and decided to try and mimic the whole experience that I enjoyed having there. I took my first trials to Vaperev, where they were well received and liked. Within three to four months I had created five flavors and we were starting production. Subsequent to that, we were lucky to be a part of  ECC 2013 and given the reception there, it has not slowed pace.

I also strive to bring new flavor profiles that are unique and complex. I have a lot of ideas and continue to push my creativity to please the Vaping community.