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frequency electric lotus eliquid

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Frequency by Electric Lotus eLiquids

Key Flavor: Lemon Danish Cinnamon Churro

Tertiary Notes: 30ml, 3mg, 6mg, 70vg/30pg, Churro, Cinnamon Churro, Lemon, Lemon Danish, Oreo

Frequency by Electric Lotus eLiquids combines a lemon Danish, cinnamon churro, and buttery “Oreo” pie crust for a unique trifecta of flavor that will tune your taste buds to delicious.
70/30 VG


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Created by Chris Davis, a.k.a. DJ Panic, a.k.a. one of the founders of Mr. Good Vape and The Originals, Electric Lotus is a passion project in which he blended his mixology mastery with his musical background to create a flavor journey unlike that of any eliquids on the market today. Electric Lotus is not just an ejuice line, but is a flavor design company focused on creating advanced, intelligent flavors for the vaping industry.

Chris’ music background, which includes 17 years of DJ experience, and over 70 written/produced records within the house music genre, enhances his mixological creativity. Mixing eliquid is like mixing tracks. Each needs to tell a story and be properly selected, mixed, and blended to achieve that perfect, goosebump-inducing effect.

Chris had a vision to create a brand that brings the community together, and invites people to join together in the same party, dancing to the beat of Electric Lotus. Together with Electric Lotus’ message of love, unity, community, passion, creativity, and hope, Electric Lotus embodies life and its experiences, communicated through complex, delicious eliquid flavors.

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